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About Me

I have a strong innate passion for digital marketing and e-commerce. When I was at university I spent more time on study, research and collaboration in e-commerce projects instead of my courses. After a while I entered to my family business as well as worked in e-commerce. At my first professional experience, I founded the e-commerce center for an international brand which produce security software. For three years as a manager at Bitdefender Online Department in Iran, I have developed its market share in this country.

At the time I followed my new interests -media and advertising- with curiosity. On a trip which only was for getting to know, I took the Narenji Blog advertising management. I started my new activity with two approaches, design new business model and optimize display advertising. After one year Narenji was the best and most viewed technology blog in Iran. Unfortunately it was shut down in 2013 and my plan for this case was stayed uncompleted but it never forced me far from my goal. For working on my ideas, I needed to study more. For this reason I studied MBA for a while at Bahar Business School.

Nowadays in addition to managing my family business and collaborating with start-up companies in fields of digital marketing and e-commerce, I am working as a new media business development consultant.

 My Experiences

Digital Marketing Consultant at Etick
Business Development Consultant at NabzeBazaar
Marketing Consultant at Alldigitall
 Managing Director at Andishe Novin Modaber
Advisor to CEO of Gooshishop
Marketing Consultant at Ponisha
Business Development Manager at Bayan
Advertising Manager at Narenji Blog
Director of E-Commerce at Bitdefender (in Iran)
Marketing Manager at Andishe Novin Modaber

 My Learnings

Master of Business Administration at Bahar Business School
Marketing Management at Industrial Management Institute

Fields of Consultancy

Digital Marketing

 Online Advertising

Digital Strategies

 Media Planning and Buying

 Mobile Marketing


 Online Retail Development

 Sales Promotion Planning

 Affiliate Marketing Programs

 Mobile Commerce

New Media Business Development

New Business Models

 Content Development

 Innovative Ways to Promote a Brand

 Social Engagement Development

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